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Forms and Funds Requests

Click here to access the PIP Travel / General / Design Request Form
Click here to access the PIP Reimbursement Request Form

Other forms:

  1. Policy and Procedures Manual, Fiscal Year 2019
  2. MACHB Incentive Reimbursement
  3. Tobacco Cessation Quit Kits

How to use PIP funds for 2019 Meeting of the Minds attendance costs:

Please note: please use a separate PIP forms travel request for each type of reimbursement (i.e. one request for all registration for your campus, one request for all hotel, one request for all mileage/van rental, etc)

Registration: Register online at mom.missouri.edu and click on the registration link (available after December 1). Fill out the form completely. Mark that you want to use PIP funds and the name of your campus in the payment section. Complete a registration form for each person attending from your campus and total the amount. Then, complete a PIP forms travel request for the total amount of registration and write the name of all of the registrants on the pip form. In order to use PIP funds, you must register by the early registration deadline and your PIP forms request must be submitted by the early registration deadline. The deadline is March 18, 2019.

Hotel: Please make your hotel reservations early. The process for request of PIP funds is the same as registration- please submit a request for the total and list all the travelers and confirmation numbers. Forms should be submitted before March 18, however the hotel deadline is earlier (March 12). Cost of each room is $99.

Travel: Estimate the cost of your mileage (or the reimbursement of a rental van) and fill out a PIP request form with the number of travelers (no names needed). If you will be using a rental car, remember that we cannot pay for insurance and we will need the rental agreement listing the cost (often the pink sheet provided) to complete the reimbursement after the conference as well. Click here for the mileage reimbursement form.

Meals: Estimate the cost of your meal (Friday night meal is the only meal not provided at the conference) and fill out a separate PIP request with the number of people you will feeding. Names may be required on the reimbursement paperwork. This year, we are instituting a meal restriction. We will reimburse $7 per person for lunch or breakfast and no more than $15 for dinner per person. Click here for the meal reimbursement form.

Meeting of the Minds reimbursement paperwork for travel and meals is due by April 19 to Partners in Prevention.