As a high school student preparing for college can be stressful. While scholarships and classes are at the top of your to-do list, you may still be worried about making friends and fitting in. Along with that, you may be worried about what expectations are for partying and drinking in college. This brochure has some information from current college students as well as information about college students in general when it comes to drinking and some other aspects of college!

Missouri college students:

*Data taken from the Missouri College Student Health Behavior Survey, Spring 2016.

Some advice from current Missouri college students:
“Just because you hear or see movies that say that everyone goes out and parties, doesn’t mean that everyone actually does. If you choose to participate, stay safe, make smart choices, take people that you trust, and always pour your own drink.” -Gretchen E., College Senior
“My freshman year, I went partying on a Wednesday night and ended up sleeping through classes and a test the next day. Remember that your week is for school and weekend nights are for fun. Just be prepared to be a student on Monday.” – -Julie D., College Sophomore
“Get a planner or a calendar so that you can plan time for studying and time for fun.” -Kyla R., College Freshman
“Acting responsibly and being a leader is just as important as drinking responsibly. If you see a drunk person being taken advantage of at a party/club, don’t be a bystander.” -Tyree W., College Junior
“I think it is important to know your limit when you go out. It is possible to drink, have fun, and be responsible.” -Ally R., College Junior
“Don’t do something like going out because you think it’s what you’re supposed to do. Do what makes you happy with people that make you happy!” -Grace S., College Freshman
“When it comes to clubs and orgs, don’t be afraid to go outside of your comfort zone. Sometimes those risks have the biggest payoff!” -Paige F., College Sophomore
“Ask for help when you need it. You’re going to get overwhelmed and that’s okay. Find someone who is willing to help you find balance in your life.” -Adam D., College Senior