The Problem


There are many serious health and legal dangers of misusing controlled substances without a prescription. It is especially important to educate college students on the many dangers of misusing prescription drugs as Generation Rx has found that about half of all college students will have the opportunity to abuse a prescription drug by their sophomore year.

Students may turn to prescription drugs to improve academic performance, relieve stress, or even self-medicate but these tendencies are not the norm! Most students know that it isn’t worth the risk to misuse prescription drugs:

88% of Missouri college students do not use Rx drugs without prescription!*
*Data from MACHB 2017
This is a growing issue on college campuses and the pressure to take these drugs can be prominent. Prescription drugs can help us live longer and healthier lives- but only if they are used properly under medical direction.

Need help now?

drug phone   National Drug Abuse Hotline: 1-800-943-0566
rx phone   Prescription Drug Abuse Hotline: 1-888-939-3612

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