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Quarterly Report

Please use this report template for all quarterly reports due in Fiscal Year 2017 (July 1, 2016-June 30, 2017). 2016 template available here.

The reports will have the following schedule:

  1. Report 1: Due October 8
  2. Report 2: Due January 8
  3. Report 3: Due April 8
  4. Report 4: Due July 8

Helpful resources for the Safe and Drug Free Schools Annual Requirements

  1. DFSAC Certification Template
  2. DFSCA Annual Notification
  3. DFSCR HEC 2006 Manual
  4. DOEd Inspector General Report
  5. Fulfilling the Mandates of the DFSCA Regulations

Tracking Documents

This tracking document can be used by your campus to track prevention activities, shared from Maryville University in St. Louis.

For those who wish to track your prevention programming, you can use this tracking sheet to document your programming as we required in past quarterly reports. While it is not required any longer to list each program/initiative that your campus worked on during each quarter, this document will help you to list those events in a time-effective and organized manner. The tracking document is in an excel document that allows you to enter in your own information and pick drop down menus.

Quarterly Report Notes:

Updates made December 2013

  1. We have clarified that the dates listed of July-September, January-March, etc are only the time frame that you are to work on the report, not the timeframe of the information you are to report. Since this report will result in the creation of the biennial review for your campus, you will be reporting on the activities, actions, etc of the years noted in the report. In addition, I have clarified dates throughout the report.
  2. We have moved the Outcomes informed for the Policies listed in Report 2 to Report 4. In Report 2, you will still list all your policies on the books for 2013-2014, but you do not have to report on the number of offenses until Report 4.
  3. We have moved the SWOC/T Analysis to Report 4 from Report 3.
  4. We have moved the Program Inventory (i.e. a listing of all the prevention services provided) from Report 4 to Report 3. However, you will not need to report on any outcomes of these services until Report 4.
  5. I have also added a reminder in Report 3 to complete a second semester Annual Notification if applicable.