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Keynote and Featured Speakers

Thursday, April 5

A Few Too Many... Our Campus Culture of Alcohol

Presenter: Dr. Lori Hart

Location: Shawnee Ballroom

Hart Results of recent studies have found that high-risk drinking is among the most dramatic problems facing college campuses including injuries, assault and deaths. Fraternity and sorority members drink more than their non-Greek peers and athletes are drinking just as much. So now, what do we do with this information? This keynote focuses on the culture of alcohol providing activities that get people talking and feeling empowered to do something about high- risk drinking on their campus and within their own life. Focused on harm reduction, Dr. Lori Hart provides concrete steps men and women can take to reduce risks.

Support for this presentation provided with federal highway safety grant funds from the Missouri Department of Transportation.

Friday, April 6

Up on the High Wire: Upstream Mental Resiliency During Tough Times

Presenter: Dr. Sally Spencer-Thomas

Location: Shawnee Ballroom

Spencer Are we doing enough to invest in mental health and “mental resiliency”? What does it actually mean to be mentally healthy and psychologically hardy? With increasing demands to do more with less and perform with polish, people need coping tools and emotional inoculation to get them through challenges. This workshop looks at the issue of mental wellness and gives participants the tools to help themselves and others sustain a passion for living over the long haul. As a psychologist, mental health advocate, and survivors of her brother’s suicide, Dr. Sally Spencer-Thomas brings a unique perspective to the topic. Click here to learn more!

From storytelling to discussing the effects of stress on the brain, Sally will help participants know how to stay mentally fit, avoid burnout and remain focused on wellness. Learning Objectives: Participants will be able to:

  1. Make a case for a comprehensive “upstream” mental health
  2. Define mental resiliency and positive psychology
  3. Articulate the four approaches to resiliency – be bold, belong, be well, and believe

Lunch Session: The State of Affairs in Higher Education Today… Disruption!

Presenter: Peter Lake

Location: Shawnee Ballroom

Lake We work in an industry in a state of complex disruption. Will higher education as we have known it survive this period, however long it may last? What are the major disruptive influences impacting higher education today? What are some of the symptoms (and causes) of disruption in our industry? Why are so many disruptive influences occurring simultaneously? Why do so many of the disruptive influences have a legal dimension? Click here to learn more!

Join Professor Lake for a far ranging and inspiring discussion on the future of higher education, where he will connect topics such as extreme expression on campus, immigration issues, Title IX, and higher education funding issues, among many others. This session will offer an opportunity to step back, rise above and look forward beyond the current state of disruption to gain a glimpse of the bright future ahead for higher education on a global scale.

Saturday, April 7

Breakfast Session: The Science, Theory, and Importance of Continuum of Care in Developing Resilience and Recovery

Presenter: Dr. Kitty Harris

Location: Shawnee Ballroom

Harris This presentation will address the reason for the need of a well-defined continuum of care and the impact that has on the development of resilience and long-term recovery.

Learning adjectives:

  1. Describe the levels of continuum of care that most enhance recovery
  2. Articulate the reasons continuum of care impacts the developmental stages necessary for healthy recovery
  3. Identify the scientific components of resilience

What Choice Will You Make?

Presenter: Carey Portell

Location: Shawnee Ballroom

Portell Carey and two of her children were involved in a drinking and driving collision 6 years ago that resulted in a 4 year recovery and partial disabilities for Carey. Their family’s life was changed forever in that moment, all because of one person’s decision to drink and drive. Your choices matter, so what choice will you make? Her experience sparked a passion to share her story and inspire others along a positive path in life. Carey’s story is compelling, humbling, and she shares it with gut wrenching honesty.

Support for this presentation provided with federal highway safety grant funds from the Missouri Department of Transportation.

College Drive Through: Choices and Consequences

Presenter: Joseph Richardson, Esq.

Location: Shawnee Ballroom

Richardson This presentation will look at the intersection between college students’ new found freedoms and their college responsibilities. Stated through the perspective of a practicing attorney, we will discuss the concept of liability as to legal issues in transportation, including Driving Under the Influence (DUI), and focus on how students’ negative interactions with the law can affect a student's future prospects, including employment and graduate school. The presentation will provide information about the short and long-term effects of legal non-compliance and other questionable behavior. Ultimately, we will make larger points that their reputation is the most valuable asset they will have, and embracing ethical duty will make legal duty easier to achieve. Click here to learn more!

As a result of attending this program, participants will learn:
  1. The current state of the law related to DUI and transportation offenses
  2. How civil liability can be as devastating as criminal liability, and how they often can come together
From the same incident (double whammy):
  1. What is required to be admitted into grad schools, professional associations, etc.
  2. How to manage to simultaneous work of guarding your reputation through your in-class performance as well as your out of class conduct (campus and greek life, etc.)