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Frequently Asked Questions

I want to request information from PIP regarding school specific information or demographics, how do I do this?

  1. The most efficient way to have data to be collected and sent to you is through a data request. These requests can be made through the PIP website and will generally be processed within 1-2 weeks.

I want to participate in your schools survey, but do not think I will be able to collect a list of e-mail addresses and send them to PIP. How can I participate in the survey without giving away my students email addresses?

  1. All of our surveys are distributed through CampusLabs and respondents information and data is kept confidential. To view more information about how CampusLabs protects data refer to their website: http://www.campuslabs.com/technology. While it is the most preferred method of implementing surveys, PIP can work with your school and CampusLabs so that you may distribute the survey yourself.

I have a presentation for my school, UM System, etc. Can PIP help me prepare for this?

  1. PIP can help you collect and analyze your data, as well as prepare Excel and PowerPoints for you so that you may more effectively communicate information.

I have limited time and money to address problematic drinking on my campus. What is the best strategy to reduce drinking on campus?

  1. What we have found in Missouri that a comprehensive prevention plan to address drinking is most successful. This includes education, but it expands beyond that to include policy development, enforcement, and adjudication, social norms clarification, harm reduction approaches (designated driver programs, etc), and support for those high risk drinkers (BASICS screening program, etc). Often, we cannot educate the problem away- students need to know what the expectations are from the cues in their environment on campus, etc.

I am concerned about the drinking on my campus, but the problem seems overwhelming. Where do I start?

We know it can seem overwhelming, here are a few suggestions:

  1. Consider implementing a survey to identify the specific problems on campus. You may have a small number of binge drinkers, but since they are binge drinking and experiencing some pretty significant problems, it may seem like a larger problem that it is. If you can identify what percentage drinks, but does not binge, and other key factors, that will help to identify the strategy you choose. National surveys include the Core Survey or the National College Health Assessment from ACHA. All schools in Missouri can participate in the Partners in Prevention Missouri College Health Behavior Survey.
  2. Visit national resources, such as the NIAAA report on collegiate drinking, the National Center for Safe and Supportive Schools (who has some higher education prevention resources listed), and the BACCHUS Network, a national peer education organization.
  3. Learn more about comprehensive, evidence-based prevention. We have posted a guide for our campuses here: http://pip.missouri.edu/approach.html
  4. Develop a coalition of key personnel in the campus and community. Talk about the resources above and what the key issues are you want to address (look at survey data if possible) and develop a manageable plan that all can contribute to.
  5. Consider moving away from educational approaches focused on scare tactics and into education that focuses on empowering students (bystander intervention approaches, helping students learn about the alcohol they are consuming by teaching about BAC, drink sizes, etc). Give students the tools to make empowered choices. PIP recommends the publication “Why Scare Tactics in Drug Prevention Messaging Don’t Work” from the Drug Free Action Alliance.

If I want to do one or more of the prescription drug misuse strategies on my campus, how should I go about starting that process?

  1. Your first step will be filling out the online application. This can be found here. Once you submit it, you will be contacted by a PIP staff member who will let you know what to do from there.

If I want to do a prescription drug misuse strategy, but I'm not sure which one, how should I decide which one will be best for my campus?

  1. There are a couple of things you can look at to determine which strategy will be your best fit. First, you should assess what resources you have. If you have a strong peer education group on campus, the peer education program might be your best fit. If you have a good working relationship with law enforcement, a take back event could work well for you. You can also assess your campus culture. If your campus would not be comfortable with students bringing prescription drugs to campus, you may want to rule out a take back event, or if media campaigns feel overused on your campus, you may want to eliminate that option. Another option you have is to look for high risk sub-populations within your data. PIP staff can help you with this if you submit a sub-population data request. The peer education strategy offers the ability to cater to certain populations, so this may be your best option if you have groups that stick out above the rest. If you are still stumped on which strategy or strategies to do, you can also send an email pip@missouri.edu or call (573) 884-7551.

I currently receive paper copies of the data briefs but would like to start receiving them electronically. How do I get this switched?

  1. PIP staff can easily switch you between the lists. Just send an email pip@missouri.edu or call (573) 884-7551.

If my campus Drive Safe Drive Smart contact changes, how should I let you know?

  1. You can contact us at any time with updates to your PIP contacts (Cheers, Drive Safe Drive Smart, ALR, etc). Just send an email pip@missouri.edu or call (573) 884-7551.

The latest brief was especially relevant to my campus but I wish I could have seen my campus specific data in comparison to the statewide numbers. It would be helpful to have this to give to my administrators. Is there any way to get something like it?

  1. Yes! Just give PIP staff at least 2 weeks notice and they can turn any existing brief into a campus specific brief containing your data.

How do I fill out an ALR promotional materials request form?

  1. To fill out an ALR promotional item request form, you can visit www.asklistenrefer.org. Near the top of the page, you can "Click here to download an order form for ALR promotional items."
  2. You can also visit pip.missouri.edu/order.html. Click on the Ask. Listen. Refer. Order Form and fill out.
  3. Or, you can save this address to your favorites: www.asklistenrefer.org/docs/2013_ALR_OrderForm.pdf
  4. You can visit a tutorial on how to access this form here: pip.missouri.edu/tutorials.html

How do I submit an ALR promotional materials request form?

  1. All order forms should be sent to pip@missouri.edu or call (573) 884-7551 to place an order.

How do I start an ALR site for my school?

  1. Getting an Ask. Listen. Refer. site for your schools is an easy process. The first step is to contact us at pip@missouri.edu. We will give you instructions!

I have a question about the policies and procedures of Partners in Prevention. Where can I get clarification?

  1. You can visit the 2014-2015 Partners in Prevention Policies and Procedures Manual or call Partners in Prevention at 573-884-7551.