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Data and Assessment

General Data Request Form

  1. Have a question you'd like answered with your campuses data, but don't know the question number or even where to start? This is the form for you! Please provide as much detail as possible and specify specific years and deadline for report. Click here.
  2. Download the 2017 MACHB (pdf)

Subpopulation Request Form

  1. Wondering about behaviors or attitudes of a certain subpopulation on your campus? Know the specific areas or questions to go with those behaviors and attitudes? Then pick this one! Specific questions or general areas should be requested, in addition to the specific populations you're interested in learning more about. Data will be provided in an Excel spreadsheet format in comparison to campus data. Click here.

PowerPoint Request Form

  1. Have a big presentation coming up? Like to be prepared with a deck of slides for when that presentation occurs last minute? Have no fear, the research team can help! Use this form to designate specific years, questions and subpopulations to be included in a presentation. These requests do take much longer to fulfill, so please request early and only data that will be used! Click here.

Data Assistance Call Request Form

  1. Please contact Dan Reilly to discuss. Click here.