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Important Dates and Deadlines

The following are some important deadlines and dates for the year. We will update this list weekly and add important deadlines as we have them. Please mark your calendars. Note: some dates are tentative.
  1. July 10: Quarterly Report 4 due
  2. July 12-13: Motivational Interviewing and BASICS conference
  3. July 17-18: ARIDE Law Enforcement training
  4. August: Schools start MACHB IRB process
  5. August 3: PIP Meeting: Student Conduct Models discussion
  6. August 10: MACHB survey provided for feedback on content/structure
  7. August 17: MACHB consent forms due and incentives decided
  8. September 7: PIP Meeting:  TBA
  9. September 7: MACHB Extra questions (y/n)
  10. September 22: MACHB Extra questions due (if applicable)
  11. October 5: PIP Meeting:  TBA
  12. November 2: PIP meeting:  TBA
  13. November 30: MACHB Implementation dates set
  14. December 7: PIP Meeting: TBA
  15. December 14: Final MACHB IRB approval to us
  16. Early January: Begin conversations about pulling MACHB samples
  17. Mid-late January: Pull MACHB samples (due to us two weeks prior to MACHB implementation - varies by school)
  18. January through April: MACHB Implementation