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Brochures & Publications

Partners in Prevention is pleased to provide all colleges and universities in Missouri with free educational materials to use with students, parents, and faculty/staff. We are committed to helping each campus educate its community members about important issues related to alcohol use, drug use, gambling, and other health behavior issues. Please click here to place an order and view PDFs of each brochure and publication.

Entities from non-Partners in Prevention coalitions/campuses may request up, but no more than, 100 of each brochure from Partners in Prevention in one calendar year*. Brochures are available to be ordered from Partners in Prevention at a cost of $.25 per brochure plus 10% of the total order for shipping. Thank you for your compliance. Policy effective December 14, 2012.

*The current calendar year is Janurary 1, 2015 through December 31, 2016.

Click here for the Brochure Order Form

Click on a brochure to download a sample PDF!
Please allow 2 weeks for delivery of your order. If you have questions regarding your brochure or publication order, please contact Joan Masters at MastersJ@missouri.edu or call Partners in Prevention at (573) 884-7551.



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Bulletin Boards

Please click on a bulletin board to download a PDF to print on your campus.

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